Like countless other people, Michael fell in with the wrong crowd and got into destructive behavior. After years of using drugs and alcohol, he wanted something different. He asked his friends if there was more to life than getting high. Sadly, they didn’t have the answer.

Michael’s solution was to buy a one-way ticket from Ohio to California. He thought a change of friends and scenery could fix his life but it didn’t go far enough. He was still waging the same inner battle – but now with different people and in a warmer climate.

It didn’t take long for him to run out of money and become homeless so he took the first of several important steps: he checked into the Clare Foundation’s detox center.

At Clare, he met people with connections to The Salvation Army so his next stop was our no fee, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. There, he received the structure he needed to rebuild his life and more.

Michael’s work assignment was in an office where he found a dusty Bible in a cabinet. He started to read it and the words in Matthew 20:27 jumped off the page: “And whoever wants to be first among you let him be a servant to you.”

That was the moment he realized his need for the humility and acceptance to surrender control of his life to God.  

He completed The Salvation Army’s program and now lives in community with other men, serving people in need in the city of Long Beach, California.

And, Michael still has that dusty Bible.

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