Did you know that The Salvation Army began in East London on 2 July 1865, founded by William and Catherine Booth?

Today, our international church and charity meets human needs without discrimination in 126 countries worldwide.

To honor our 150 years of service, we’re asking friends and supporters to join us to send an anniversary greeting via social media on July 2.

We’re using Thunderclap, the “crowd-speaking” app to send out this message from multiple accounts at the same time.

On this day in 1865 William & Catherine Booth founded The Salvation Army. Meeting human needs for 150 years #WeAre150

Click here to sign up and share the message above via Thunderclap. All you have to do is click the link, choose between Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (or do all three!) and the Thunderclap platform does the rest.

Thank you for taking part in our anniversary celebration!



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