A partner is someone who stands by your side when times are tough and when they’re not. A partner supports you, holds you to a high standard, and shares your values. They do the hard work of caring.

The list below is full of retail partners who do exactly that for us and we hope they’d say we do it for them too.

Here in the Western United States, these are the stores that say yes to our traditional red kettle campaign. They say yes even though it’s their busiest time of the year too and it would be easier and less work to say no.

But they do it because they know the red kettle is a symbol for all of us that Christmas is a season of giving and making life better for others.

Bass Pro Shops
Big Lots (except Alaska & Hawaii)
City Market (Kroger)
Food 4 Less (Kroger)
Foods Co (Kroger)
Fred Meyer (Kroger)
Fry’s Electronics
Fry’s Food & Drug (Kroger)
Fry’s Marketplace
Hobby Lobby (except Alaska & Hawaii)
King Soopers (Kroger)
Longs (part of CVS / in Hawaii only)
Macerich Malls
Macy’s / Bloomingdales
QFC (Kroger)
Raley’s (Northern Cal)
Ralphs (Kroger)
Sam’s Club
Save Mart
Smith’s Food and Drug (Kroger)
Stater Bros.
Yoke’s Fresh Markets

Keep in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive. There are independent stores, mall management companies and small local chains that also support the kettle. You’ll find them when you’re out and about this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

We want to thank our retail partners and you – our kettle donors – who deliver a surprise to us every year by being more generous than you were last year. Thank you for caring for your neighbors in need!

You can also have your own red kettle fundraiser from the comfort of your desk! Visit and create a peer-to-peer fundraiser that raises money for food, shelter, Christmas or what ever is most needed in your local community.


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