American Express employees collect 250K+ school supplies for AZ kids

Back-To-School is an important time of year for The Salvation Army because we know that every kids who gets a healthy start to the school year is more likely to enjoy learning and graduate. Our hope is that we’re setting them up for a great future.

American Express has been our partner in this effort for many years and each year they have grown their school supplies program to include more kids.

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Glendale School Spree1

School supplies can help low-income kids make lasting change

Every day, Salvation Army do gooders – whether they work here full time or support our mission in their spare time – dream up ways to create good and lasting change for people in need. We’re always working on new and existing programs, bright ideas and special projects to give people opportunities they don’t know how to make on their own. One of our favorite ways to create good and lasting change is to make sure kids from low-income families are excited about school and have everything they need to succeed.

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#InvestInFutures by supporting quality after school programs

Some kids spend the hours between the end of their school day and the end of mom and dad’s work day getting into unproductive behaviors. The Afterschool Alliance advocates for quality programs that guide and mold kids during those crucial hours. Use the zip code finder in the upper right of this page to find the nearest Salvation Army character building program, day camp, music and arts program, or youth ministry.

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#LevelThePlayingField for at-risk kids this Back to School season

In communities across the United States, Salvation Army officers and staff are helping folks put food on the table and keep a roof over their families’ head. Just like you and me, many of them started to think about Back to School weeks ago. But for some of those we serve, their thoughts aren’t always happy ones.

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#InvestInFutures – Help your kids be friend-makers for Back-to-School

Back to School can be a stressful time of year for everyone, but especially for the kids who struggle to navigate the social world around them. And, all while breaking in a new backpack, notebooks and calculator! Some of the best advice parents can give their children is about how to get along well with others. Here are three great ways to help your kids make friends this school year.

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We’re using @CommuniGift to kick off Back to School in SoCal!

Do you remember the excitement of the first day of school? Wearing a new outfit, equipped with new notebooks, pencils, backpack and unlimited possibility! Share that memory by assisting an in-need child get ready for the upcoming school year.

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It’s Back to School at Salvation Army College too!

Our College for Officer Training begins a new school year in September too. New students – we call them cadets – move into our campus housing with their families to take part in our two-year seminary school which prepares them for Salvation Army officership.

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Phoenix kids get Back to School with American Express

Many Phoenix students will start the new year without the proper school supplies. But thanks to the Pak to School program sponsored by the generous folks at American Express, more than 50,000 of Valley of the Sun children return to school carrying a backpack stuffed with the tools they’ll need to learn and grow!

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Kids say “Thank you” to Target for new school supplies!

Twelve thousand kids in crisp new jeans, comfy sneakers, and a backpack full of notebook paper and colored pencils are heading to the bus well-stocked for this school year because of Target!

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Beauty guru Stilababe09 shows off sweet Salvation Army store find!

Beauty and style authority Stilababe09 is a friend of The Salvation Army and this blog. Last week she gave a shout out to the Army in her recent #OOTD – that stands for “Outfit Of The Day” – video on the channel on YouTube! Her adorable ensemble is comprised of a cute floral top and a billowy skirt she got at, you guessed it, The Salvation Army Family Store.

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Salvation Army kids shop Target for Back to School must-haves!

From now through Aug. 15 here in the Western US, 3,000 kids will get to shop at Target during one of our 100 shopping events! Stay tuned to this blog site for photos of the 2013 Target School Spree!

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Get a donut, or a dozen, by donating school supplies at Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme® Doughnuts and The Salvation Army are partnering to help provide local students with much needed school supplies during their 2013 “Stuff the Bus” campaign. The campaign will serve community families in need by helping kids from across the country gear up for a successful academic year while also easing the high cost of school supplies for parents.

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