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Take the #LentChallenge with us!

For centuries Christians around the world have observed Lent in preparation for Easter as a way of drawing near and reflecting on Jesus’ death and resurrection and preparing themselves for baptism. This year we want to suggest adding a Lenten observance that’s a little more public. One where instead of – or in addition to – giving something up, you give something back.

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Point of Sale program allows customers to care for their neighbors

Last week we featured a story here about the retail partners who say yes to our iconic red kettle. We’ll be forever grateful to them for their kindness to us and the people we serve. But what about the companies who have a “no solicitation” or other policy which will not permit them to welcome our kettles but still want to do good?

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Jamberry Nails employees present The Salvation Army with a big, fat check!

Food 4 Less, Rancho San Miguel Markets & Jamberry Nails: 3 companies with <3

Like people, companies have values. And they often have hearts too. Two grocery stores and one beauty product company decided that they could do some good this Christmas season for people in need by going a little above and beyond. PAQ Inc. Food 4 Less and Rancho San Miguel Markets are long-time supporters of our traditional […]

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Salvation Army Disaster Services canteen - mobile kitchen about the size of a parcel delivery truck

Salvation Army opens assistance center for wildfire survivors in Weed, CA

In coordination with the City of Weed, CalFire, and local law enforcement, The Salvation Army opened a center for survivors of the Boles Fire where they can receive clothing, food, household goods, and other items. The address of The Salvation Army’s assistance center is:
550 Park Street
Weed, CA 96094-2358

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Todd Lovelady

Salvation Army serving up meals and calm in quake-rattled Napa

The Salvation Army is providing food, shelter, water, and emotional and spiritual care to survivors and first responders of a 6.0 earthquake that shocked Northern California on August 24.

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Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Suisun City, California

Salvation Army Kroc Center member gets life-changing gift from employee

People join a Kroc Center to find community and meet their health and fitness goals in a supportive, friendly environment. Lewis Williams got that and much, much more. He is a member of our Kroc Center in Suisun City, California.

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T.O.P. Chefs compete for disaster food-prep glory in San Francisco!

The Salvation Army in California’s Bay Area, the San Francisco Police and Fire Departments, Slow Food USA, Oakland Fire Department, San Francisco Emergency Management department and Pacific Gas & Electric Company are getting together right now for the first-ever T.O.P Chef competition.

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A young volunteer polishes The Salvation Army conference table at Love Lodi. Photo by Syd Fong

Volunteers do day-long work project to Love Lodi

Do you love your city? I mean, really love your city? Captains Martin and Tory Ross found a way to do just that. They’re Salvation Army officers who served in communities like Compton and Modesto, California. Now they’re in Lodi and they recently took on a project known as Love Lodi.

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From left, Lt. John Morrow, Matthew Johnson, and Dave Heath from Bombas Socks!

Northern Cal 11-year-old collects 10,000 socks for homeless people

“A long time ago, my mom told me about how important it is to help the homeless,” said Matthew Johnson. “She asked me if I wanted to do something and I said yes.” So Matthew – 8 years old at the time – got busy and created a campaign called “Socks from the Heart to the Homeless” and began collecting socks to give homeless people. In the first three years, he received about 5,000 pairs.

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Rapper E-40 visits hometown for Christmas and gives Salvation Army a generous gift

Earl Stevens – better known to the fans of his more than 20 albums as E-40 – was in his hometown of Vallejo, California on Christmas Eve. He visited The Salvation Army to help distribute bikes and make a significant financial gift of $10,000!

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Salvation Army coffee cart ministry serves up love

With the arrival of Spring, The Salvation Army in Yuba Sutter, Calif. has begun taking their coffee cart outside so they can greet people who are lining up for social services with a hot cup of joe or a bottle of water in Jesus’ name.

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Here at The Salvation Army, we love a good bellringer story!

Today we were treated to a double delight in the pages of the Appeal Democrat in Northern California. Writer Rob Parsons profiled two bellringers in his piece: a teenager on her very first paying job and a US Air Force Captain waiting for deployment to Afghanistan.

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