Salvation Army founders advocated a vegetarian lifestyle

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make healthy change this year, look no further than The Salvation Army’s founders William and Catherine Booth and their family. The Booths came from the Methodist tradition and – like many from their denomination – followed the vegetarian practices of John Wesley even though doing so was difficult in Victorian England.

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Doing Well by Doing Good, Founder William Booth Style

Did you know that more than 100 years ago a social innovator changed an entire industry and by doing good, managed to save lives too? The Salvation Army’s very own founder William Booth was an early social entrepreneur who bought a derelict factory and went into business in order to fix a social ill.

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disaster food

Update: Salvation Army’s efforts to slow spread of Ebola virus in Africa

The Salvation Army is supporting 5,000 people with food since many who have recovered from Ebola often return home to find their possessions removed to ward off further infection. And teachers from The Salvation Army’s 12 schools in Liberia are being trained to provide Ebola awareness and hygiene education in the communities around the schools.

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Liberian Salvation Army officer delivers sanitation supplies to help stop spread of Ebola

Liberian Salvation Army delivers supplies to help stop spread of Ebola

Every day that the Ebola crisis continues to make news, I’m sure you feel as I do and pray for a permanent solution. Until that time comes, I’m grateful that our Army is also there offering its help in the form of sanitation supplies to medical facilities, food relief to affected families and even operating its mobile clinic. See below for more details from our International Headquarters in London…

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Innovative Salvation Army ads target people in need

Unless you live in Seattle, you probably haven’t seen The Salvation Army’s latest advertising campaign. Instead of billboards, bus bench signs and mall kiosks asking you to financially support the Army’s work to help people struggling with hunger, addiction or homelessness, the ads are targeted specifically to those in crisis. The ad copy simply urges […]

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Brand survey in OC ranks Salvation Army #1

Folks like me in The Salvation Army world woke up to a sweet surprise today. The Orange County Register newspaper ran a column about a yearly brand survey that rates local organizations in 10 categories. The 2014 Orange County Most Trustworthy Brands award is a co-production of advertising and communications firm DGWB, Cal State Fullerton and OC Metro magazine.

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Join us to wish The Salvation Army a Happy Founders Day via social media

The Salvation Army staff at our International Headquarters in London is asking that all friends of the Army and those of us who manage Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts for the Army sign up to share a special Founder’s Day message on July 2. We’ll be using a social media utility called Thunderclap to send out a simultaneous social media message across a number of platforms.

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The Salvation Army in Canada recently honored a painful anniversary

One hundred fifty Salvation Army officers, staff, and church members departed from Quebec city on May 27th, 1914 en route to London for an international celebration. But the Empress of Ireland ocean liner never even made it to the ocean. Twenty-four hours into the journey she was rammed in heavy fog by a Norwegian cargo ship loaded with coal in the St. Lawrence River.

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Kittens provide stress relief to Salvation Army training school students

Every year in May my boss and I have the privilege of helping prepare our Salvation Army officers-in-training for their future roles as media spokespersons for our ministry. The day before our training, the leaders of our training college (seminary school) invited me to bring my four foster kittens so the students could get their cat fix.

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Struggling with drug abuse, Cecily’s addiction allegory lights a path for others

Cecily is a current resident at Clitheroe who’s not only struggling with addiction, her husband is dying, and her son is at home taking care of himself. Her addiction was so powerful that it was ruining her life and the life of those around her. While in treatment, Cecily wrote an allegory about addiction – published with her permission below.

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Philippine Salvation Army family awaits news of 20 missing relatives

Captain Charity Doblon along with her brother Cadet Rene Doblon made a list of all the members of their family who have been missing since Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of the Philippines late last week. This list has 20 names on it, including Captain Charity and Cadet Rene’s mom.

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