Salvation Army plants SEEDS of Hope for trafficking survivors in Las Vegas

We often hear how trafficking and prostitution concerns rise during large-scale events, like the World Cup. But Vegas has a non-stop, ‘World Cup’ culture every day, year after year.

It’s one of the 17 U.S. cities most likely to be a top destination for trafficking victims. No city wants to be on that list but the work of Stacey Cramer, The Salvation Army and its partners is trying to resolve that.

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Can a billboard affect an alcoholic’s recovery?

There it was. Every time one of the men walked out the entry door or looked out the front window of the Harbor Light Center in Denver, they could see it. It was impossible to miss.

It was a reminder of what they were battling every day to defeat. Some say it was a trigger that caused them to slip back into old ways.

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jose g

Kroger Stores are good neighbors

One of the most important players in the red kettle story are the stores. We simply couldn’t have a successful campaign without them. Ralphs is one of the many great Kroger stores that say yes to the kettle. But Christmas is also the stores’ busiest time of year too. Jose G. who manages a Ralphs grocery store in Pasadena told me that he puts on an additional 300 hours worth of staffing every week during the Christmas season just to meet the demand. Now that’s busy.

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Coca-Cola & Walmart #ShareHappiness with The Salvation Army

Walmart is supporting Coca-Cola’s efforts to give all families an opportunity to come together around the dinner table this holiday season. The partnership will include a generous donation to The Salvation Army to provide meals to families in need and we are SO grateful! Every photo customers share on social media of their family enjoying a meal with Coca-Cola using #GiveHappiness will support their e­fforts.

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DipJar provides cashless complement to the traditional red kettle

I love the red kettles because of what they mean. They are a potent symbol of Christmas giving and caring as well as a gentle reminder that our neighbors often need help making ends meet this time of year. But what about those of us who never carry any cash? How can we get stay involved in kettle giving too?An East Coast company has a pretty ingenious answer: it’s called DipJar.

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Army and Cowboys

Do you have a fan of America’s Team on your Christmas list?

This Christmas season, the Dallas Cowboys have added some offerings to their retail pro shop – brick and mortar stores and online – which directly benefit The Salvation Army. Here’s how it works: when you purchase anything at the Dallas Cowboys retail pro shop in person or online at you can add a $1, $2 or $3 gift for The Salvation Army to your order during the month of December.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.15.38 PM

This Friday is Realtor Ring Day across the US

Realtor Ring Day 2015 is happening this Friday, December 4 and we’re excited! It’s the day when real estate pros from around the US volunteer en-masse to staff as many of our red kettles as they can to raise money to care for their neighbors in need through The Salvation Army.

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EDS Barrels

“Everyone laughed at Noah but he’s the only one who had a plan”

In October our news was full of coverage about a recent downpour that created mudslides and flash flooding along the “Grapevine” – the highway that connects California’s central valley to Los Angeles. The flooding claimed at least one life and created significant property damage.

That story is a painful reminder about how intense rainfall and flooding can threaten our safety. Thankfully, there’s still time to get prepared and review some tried and true safety tips.

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Salvation Army provides safe shelter for transgender clients

According to statistics from the National Center of Transgender Equality, transgender individual are far more likely to be homeless and are more likely to be the target of violence and discrimination. They’re also twice as likely to be unemployed as most people in the US. In Las Vegas, The Salvation Army plays an important role in caring for transgender individuals who are homeless and need of somewhere safe to stay.

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Working through the pain of the Oregon school shooting

This week we’ve all been plunged into sadness and confusion over another school shooting. Even though the tragedy may not have happened in our own neighborhood or involve anyone we know, the hurt is still real. And it may not go away anytime soon.

So, what are the best ways we can work through our pain during times like this? We consulted some sources online to see what they had to say.

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Santa Monica We will not be silent

Santa Monica prayer walk for the victims of Human Trafficking

Yesterday, Salvation Army church-members, staff, volunteers and supporters around the world stopped to offer focused prayer for The Salvation Army’s ministry to trafficked people and to call on God to uplift the victims and change the hearts of those who gain financially from this modern-day slavery. But some did more than that.

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Nursing students serve overflow crowd of homeless people

Nursing students at Azuza Pacific University in Southern California did something week that brought a tear to my eye when I read about it. Since our goal is to bring you stories that inspire you to use your life to love God’s people, I thought you might want to read it too.

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