Salvation Army founders advocated a vegetarian lifestyle

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make healthy change this year, look no further than The Salvation Army’s founders William and Catherine Booth and their family. The Booths came from the Methodist tradition and – like many from their denomination – followed the vegetarian practices of John Wesley even though doing so was difficult in Victorian England.

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Doing Well by Doing Good, Founder William Booth Style

Did you know that more than 100 years ago a social innovator changed an entire industry and by doing good, managed to save lives too? The Salvation Army’s very own founder William Booth was an early social entrepreneur who bought a derelict factory and went into business in order to fix a social ill.

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Salvation Army major reaches halfway mark in his #RingingTo150 quest

This morning at 7:00AM, Major Butch Soriano reached the halfway mark on his quest to ring the bell at his kettle for 150 hours! He’s #RingingTo150 to raise awareness about red kettle and The Salvation Army’s upcoming 150th Anniversary of doing good around the world in 2015. :: He’s ringing in front of the Walmart […]

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Did you know the Cubs honored a Salvation Army officer during the ’32 World Series?

The Chicago Cubs didn’t end their 2014 season on top but in 1932 they played against the New York Yankees in the fall classic. During that fourth game one of the Cubs’ most ardent fans ended her own season.
Her name was Eliza Shirley.

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The first-ever Salvation Army band started in the 1880s “by accident!”

Salvation Army bands are not just part of our culture, they’re part of yours too. With references to the band in works by Bill Cosby, 80s’ folk group Dream Academy, and in dozens of films such as Seabiscuit, It’s a Wonderful Life and even Three Days of the Condor, the Army is almost as well known for its bands as it is anything else!

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“Being paroled from prison doesn’t give a man his freedom, except from prison walls.”

Internationally acclaimed artist Ignacio Aranda Gomez studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. While in school he participated in a 1969 project which featured work by Art Center students in a New York Times advertising supplement about The Salvation Army.

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Join us to wish The Salvation Army a Happy Founders Day via social media

The Salvation Army staff at our International Headquarters in London is asking that all friends of the Army and those of us who manage Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts for the Army sign up to share a special Founder’s Day message on July 2. We’ll be using a social media utility called Thunderclap to send out a simultaneous social media message across a number of platforms.

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“To be where you are needed takes money. Lots of it.”

“To be where you are needed takes money. Lots of it. More people than ever will be turning to the Salvation Army for assistance and comfort. The Army doesn’t want to disappoint them. Give generously now. The Army helps now.”

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The Salvation Army helps people “…get reunited, they way they should be.”

Artist Ronald Ayon created a beautiful tribute to the family reunions we help facilitate through our Missing Persons Department with the stylized Salvation Army shield pictured here. His work was featured in a 1969 New York Times advertising supplement that promoted the good work of the Army in New York City.

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“For all men are one in the spirit of Christ”

Created by an artist named Pippa Garner, nee Philip Vincent Garner, the Russian matryoshka dolls in this stunning ad depict a traditional Christmas story. There’s Jesus, the savior whose birth we celebrate. And Santa Claus who brings gifts for the children. But there are also three Salvation Army officers who make sure Christ is honored and needs are met in His name.

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The Salvation Army in Canada recently honored a painful anniversary

One hundred fifty Salvation Army officers, staff, and church members departed from Quebec city on May 27th, 1914 en route to London for an international celebration. But the Empress of Ireland ocean liner never even made it to the ocean. Twenty-four hours into the journey she was rammed in heavy fog by a Norwegian cargo ship loaded with coal in the St. Lawrence River.

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National Donut Day is a mere 4 days away!

It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on Friday, June 6 for National Donut Day. I’d recommend something with an elastic waistband. Just a thought.

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