Parking Tickets

Unpaid tickets – often the 1st stop on the road to financial ruin

What happens when someone can’t afford to pay their tickets? If they can’t pay the fine, their unpaid tickets mount up and their license is suspended or their car is towed to an impound lot. Sadly, for many low-income or working poor people, getting their car towed sets off a string of events that can lead to financial disaster.

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do gooder story animals

That homeless lady and dog in the nearby alley need your help. Here’s how.

Have you ever wondered where a homeless job searcher would keep their pet while looking for work? Showing up for an interview with a dog on a leash or a birdcage in hand probably doesn’t make a good first-impression. And for those who live in their car, leaving a pet inside is a major no no in many climates. On an even more serious note, can you imagine leaving your beloved family dog with an abusive spouse so you could flee to safety?

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Michael wondered if there’s more to life than getting high

Like countless other people, Michael fell in with the wrong crowd and got into destructive behavior. After years of using drugs and alcohol, he wanted something different. He asked his friends if there was more to life than getting high. Sadly, they just didn’t know. Michael’s solution was to buy a one-way ticket from Ohio to California. He thought a change of friends and scenery could fix his life but it didn’t go far enough. He was still waging the same inner battle – but now with different people and in a warmer climate.

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Alexandra’s husband said she wouldn’t make it on her own

After Alexandra moved to the US from the Czech Republic with her husband and daughter Sofia, things started to go bad between them. He was verbally abusive and told Alexandra that she couldn’t make it on her own. With The Salvation Army’s help, she did.

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Do Gooders Harveys

From the wheel of his trash truck, this do gooder found a way to care

There are literally countless ways of being a do gooder. Right now you could look in any direction and find something or someone that needs a touch of your attention and kindness. Thankfully, Arnold Harvey and his wife Theresa didn’t wait to be asked before they pitched in as do gooders for people in need.

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Innovative Salvation Army ads target people in need

Unless you live in Seattle, you probably haven’t seen The Salvation Army’s latest advertising campaign. Instead of billboards, bus bench signs and mall kiosks asking you to financially support the Army’s work to help people struggling with hunger, addiction or homelessness, the ads are targeted specifically to those in crisis. The ad copy simply urges […]

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A kindly volunteer, Salvation Army, & Mexican consulate help a man find his home

Last week my colleague Kevin White called with an incredible story. He works at The Salvation Army in Orange County, California and was able to witness a small miracle come together. Here’s what he told me.

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Heat Emergency Relief Station

Phoenix-area cooling stations help locals beat the extreme heat

It gets dangerously hot during the summer months in the Phoenix area. So hot that people without a cool home or office to go to are at significant risk of exposure and dehydration. That’s why our staff in the aptly-named Valley of the Sun work with Safeway stores and Arizona Family’s 3TV to collect bottles of water to distribute throughout the season at our local cooling stations.

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NYTimes Ad Eggs

Who ever heard of an Army that kills its enemies with kindness

Earlier this month my 90 year-old colleague – and car-pooling buddy – retired from her position at The Salvation Army. When we cleaned out her desk we found a treasure trove of goodies. Our favorite was a 1969 advertising supplement from the New York Times featuring artistic interpretations of Salvation Army ministries created by students at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

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From left, Lt. John Morrow, Matthew Johnson, and Dave Heath from Bombas Socks!

Northern Cal 11-year-old collects 10,000 socks for homeless people

“A long time ago, my mom told me about how important it is to help the homeless,” said Matthew Johnson. “She asked me if I wanted to do something and I said yes.” So Matthew – 8 years old at the time – got busy and created a campaign called “Socks from the Heart to the Homeless” and began collecting socks to give homeless people. In the first three years, he received about 5,000 pairs.

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J.J. Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers teaches Angel how to take a "selfie."

LA Clippers re-open learning library at Salvation Army center!

The Los Angeles Clippers are making an impact in Los Angeles and not just on the basketball court! They recently spruced up the library / computer room at The Salvation Army’s Westwood Transitional Village with 11 computers, 10 computer chairs, 10 pairs of headphones, 1 printer, 20 mini iPads, 1 Macbook Pro and one iPad cart that will be used to store and charge the Minis.

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Saira's family is getting help in a stigma-free environment at Alegria. Photo by John Docter

Homelessness and HIV lovingly managed at Salvation Army Alegria

Saira’s story is not unusual. Fleeing a relationship that left her hurting and infected with HIV, she needed to start over somewhere safe. She came to Los Angeles with her kids and found Alegria. She’s received support from the caring and loving staff in an environment where her diagnosis is well-understood.

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