Find a National Donut Day event in the Western US!

Next week is a major holiday we observe here at The Salvation Army in the US. It’s not a religious holiday imbued with deep meaning and eternal significance. No, it’s National Donut Day on Friday June 5th.

Because, donuts.

In keeping with our tradition to honor this fine day by revering our nation’s veterans and eating donuts (surprise!), here’s a list of activities that are open to the public so you can make this holiday part of your life too!

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95% of clothing, linens, & textiles can be recycled

Seattle Public Utilities will launch a program on March 1 called Threadcycle which encourages people living in the area to consider giving their clothes a new purpose instead of throwing them away. A surprising number of products are made from recycled clothing, including, carpet padding; mattresses and upholstery; wiping rags; insulation and sound-proofing material for automobiles and appliances; as well as rugs and blankets.

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senior-shut-in-gifts 2

Folks like you made Christmas brighter for kids from 1 to 92!

There’s a lot of talk around The Salvation Army about kids this time of year. Our legendary Christmas programs include a number of ways for do gooders to care for kids whose families struggle to afford Christmas. We’ve got Adopt-A-Family, Angel Tree and my favorite program – the Toy and Joy shops which allow parents […]

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Innovative Salvation Army ads target people in need

Unless you live in Seattle, you probably haven’t seen The Salvation Army’s latest advertising campaign. Instead of billboards, bus bench signs and mall kiosks asking you to financially support the Army’s work to help people struggling with hunger, addiction or homelessness, the ads are targeted specifically to those in crisis. The ad copy simply urges […]

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Salvation Army helps in wildfire-ravaged central Washington

Wildfires continue to blaze in Washington state. Officials estimate that more than 400 square miles have already burned, four times the size of Seattle. The Salvation Army is still working in the impacted area to provide immediate relief now, and will stay in the area for as long as needed.

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NDD Entemanns

National Donut Day is a mere 4 days away!

It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on Friday, June 6 for National Donut Day. I’d recommend something with an elastic waistband. Just a thought.

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Oso, WA mudslide - photo by WSDOT on Flickr:

Salvation Army aids survivors of Snohomish County, WA mudslides

This week, Salvation Army teams were deployed to provide immediate relief to those impacted by the mudslides in Snohomish County, WA. The Salvation Army sent a mobile canteen (feeding unit) to provide meals and water to the first responders at the disaster. In the future, The Salvation Army will assist in the restoration efforts.

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Bid on Super Bowl XLVIII Tickets to benefit The Salvation Army!

A very generous – and anonymous – Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder has offered two Super Bowl XLVIII (48) tickets, valued at $800 each, to benefit The Salvation Army! The tickets are being auctioned off on EBay and the proceeds will be donated to fund the good work of the Army in the Pacific Northwest.

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Salvation Army “Toy and Joy” event gives struggling parents a place to “shop” for Christmas

One of the most touching examples of Christmas caring is happening right now in Seattle, Washington: their “Toy and Joy” event! It’s designed to give moms and dads who are struggling to make ends meet somewhere to ‘shop’ for Christmas. It doesn’t cost a thing but gives parents some choices and dignity: two things often in short supply when times are tough.

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Find community at The Salvation Army

Last weekend the New York Times Magazine had a great feature story about an island in Greece called Ikaria which has a large population of men and women well into their 80s and 90s. One thing that links the Ikarians together is, well, they’re linked together! It’s a very social community where daily visits are not only tolerated, they’re expected.

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Chef John says The Salvation Army showed him Jesus

Every work of God in the lives of the people He loves is inspiring, and Camp Chef John Tichy’s story doesn’t disappoint. He grew up in a large family that did a lot of entertaining in their home. At an early age, he regularly sampled the drinks offered at the family’s parties and became an alcoholic.

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Actor Joel McHale raises money for Salvation Army Women’s Shelter!

Joel McHale of TV’s “Community,” “Talk Soup” and dozens of movies – including one of my favorites “The Informant” – headlined a fundraising event for our Women’s Shelter in Seattle this past weekend.

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