Salvation Army helps give free van service to isolated seniors

According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), being isolated is just as dangerous as smoking and even more harmful than being obese. Given those dire predictions for isolated elders, what’s the Director of a Senior Center in a town with no public transportation to do? For Charlie Petersen, director of The Salvation Army’s local unit in Wickenburg, AZ, the answer is all about partnerships.

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YouTube talents encourage donors to give to The Salvation Army

I grabbed this story from The Salvation Army USA blog with their permission. It was written by the lovely Jackie Renard. This year’s Rock the Red Kettle Concert was incredible! We were blessed to have talented artists such as Shawn Mendes, Becky G, R5, Bea Miller, Exist Elsewhere, and Josh Levi grace the stage in […]

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Do Gooders across the US share their #SalvationArmy #RedKettleReason

If you’re active in social media, you’ve probably seen a lot about The Salvation Army’s #RedKettleReason campaign this year. We’re asking the millions of do gooders who support our Army to tell us why they give. So far, more than 62,000 #RedKettleReasons have been shared. Add your voice to the conversation by visiting! To […]

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Jamberry Nails employees present The Salvation Army with a big, fat check!

Food 4 Less, Rancho San Miguel Markets & Jamberry Nails: 3 companies with <3

Like people, companies have values. And they often have hearts too. Two grocery stores and one beauty product company decided that they could do some good this Christmas season for people in need by going a little above and beyond. PAQ Inc. Food 4 Less and Rancho San Miguel Markets are long-time supporters of our traditional […]

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Lt. Mike Stack running with Jason P. Lester at the close of day one.

Ultra-endurance athlete Jason P Lester runs to support Christmas for kids

Jason P. Lester is an not just an elite athlete, he’s an ultra-endurance athlete. To give you a sense of what that means, he just ran 2,600 miles across the Great Wall of China in 83 days! He’s using his incredible training and stamina for good by running non-stop run for 72-plus hours to raise […]

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Salvation Army major reaches halfway mark in his #RingingTo150 quest

This morning at 7:00AM, Major Butch Soriano reached the halfway mark on his quest to ring the bell at his kettle for 150 hours! He’s #RingingTo150 to raise awareness about red kettle and The Salvation Army’s upcoming 150th Anniversary of doing good around the world in 2015. :: He’s ringing in front of the Walmart […]

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Add a “Red Kettle Cookie” to your order at Papa John’s and support The Salvation Army

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had it with the turkey leftovers by now. After a weekend spent with family and friends or enjoying some Christmas shopping, perhaps you need a dinner option that doesn’t include turkey. How about some pizza from Papa John’s and a “Red Kettle Cookie” for dessert? Papa John’s Pizza will […]

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This boy wants to thank you for helping his dad kick his drug habit and come back to the family!

Thank you for a strong 2013 Red Kettle Campaign!

We’ve got some thank yous to make! Every year about this time, all the number crunching has been completed and we’re able to share the results of our recent Red Kettle Campaign.

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50 years of Bell Ringing earns Rotary of Albuquerque an award!

Now, many of our local Salvation Army officers are making the rounds to thank their faithful volunteers who make Christmas possible for so many folks in need in their communities. Lt. Mark Stearns in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently had a big thank you to make to a Rotary Club that’s been raising money at the red kettles for 50 years!

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A word of thanks to The Salvation Army’s generous corporate partners

Tis the season to be merry and give thanks! During this wonderful time of year, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all of The Salvation Army’s corporate partners who continue to support our mission each year.

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Donating airline miles can change someone’s life in a profound way

We recently received a sweet note from Joyce and Dana Becker. We had our first contact with them two years ago when Dana was diagnosed with rectal cancer Stage 3. They found a specialist in Chicago but didn’t have the money for the plane fare. That’s where The Salvation Army becomes part of this story.

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Actor @boxleitnerbruce stars in Silver Bells & this Salvation Army PSA from the vault!

Actor Bruce Boxleitner is the star of a great family holiday film this year called Silver Bells. In the film he plays Bruce Dalt, a hyper-competitive sportscaster and family man. But this isn’t the first time Boxleitner has used his talent to support the work of The Salvation Army!

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