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Take the #LentChallenge with us!

For centuries Christians around the world have observed Lent in preparation for Easter as a way of drawing near and reflecting on Jesus’ death and resurrection and preparing themselves for baptism. This year we want to suggest adding a Lenten observance that’s a little more public. One where instead of – or in addition to – giving something up, you give something back.

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“Everyone laughed at Noah but he’s the only one who had a plan”

In October our news was full of coverage about a recent downpour that created mudslides and flash flooding along the “Grapevine” – the highway that connects California’s central valley to Los Angeles. The flooding claimed at least one life and created significant property damage.

That story is a painful reminder about how intense rainfall and flooding can threaten our safety. Thankfully, there’s still time to get prepared and review some tried and true safety tips.

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Nursing students serve overflow crowd of homeless people

Nursing students at Azuza Pacific University in Southern California did something week that brought a tear to my eye when I read about it. Since our goal is to bring you stories that inspire you to use your life to love God’s people, I thought you might want to read it too.

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National Donut Day is a mere 4 days away!

It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on Friday, June 6 for National Donut Day. I’d recommend something with an elastic waistband. Just a thought.

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Sweet kids + new bikes = joyful smiles

The Salvation Army in San Diego partners with NBC7 to present new bicycles to great kids all throughout the year through the Bikes for Kids program. But last week they honored National Salvation Army week with a special bike giveaway event. Ten deserving kids got a new bike, a helmet and a lock during a special in-school assembly.

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Salvation Army serving at the fire lines in San Diego

The statewide drought in California is making for an early and severe fire season. For the last two days our Emergency Disaster Services staff in San Diego has been serving the first responders on the fire lines.

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Dive into Christmas with Lt. J. Koebel in Oceanside, Calif

It’s become something of a tradition for Lt. J. Koebel in Oceanside, California. Today from noon to 2PM, he and his wife Lt. Ashley Koebel will be hosting a community party to raise awareness of the need present in North County San Diego. And, Lt. J. will jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet and float to the ground!

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Photo by John Docter

Sarah’s new start, with help from The Salvation Army

Sarah moved with her husband and son hoping that a new location might be the end of her old life. Unfortunately, her husband brought his controlling, abusive behavior with him. When she finally mustered the courage to speak up about his unloving treatment, he left her and took their son.

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The Salvation Army loved Tony when he couldn’t love himself

Tony came to The Salvation Army from prison. He didn’t want to be alone anymore and knew he needed to be on a different path. So he told his parole officer he’d give our program a try for 30 days. After the 30 days were up, he didn’t want to leave. The Salvation Army cared about him and he could feel it. He knew we could help him lead a different kind of life and stay out of prison.

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A volunteer experience at The Salvation Army changed Carissa’s life and plans

Carissa needed to get some volunteer hours for school so her friend suggested The Salvation Army. Concerned about what she thought would be “church people,” Carissa gave it a reluctant try and learned something about herself in the process. Watch the brief video below to find out more about Carissa’s story.

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Salvation Army gets help from local volunteers to open a community center!

A Salvation Army-owned building at the corner of 4th Street and Ross Avenue in El Centro is being transformed into a community center with some volunteer manpower from area churches. Captain Jerry Esqueda – our leader in El Centro – has a big vision for what God can do with the building.

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Jeremy just had an all day, every day drinking habit – until he met cocaine

Jeremy says he used to get up in the morning and have a beer. He’d get a beer on his way to work and then another once he got there. And after he was done for the day, he’d have more. Believe it or not, that was before he had a serious addiction.

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