Chris Pauls parents

L.A. Clippers & Chris Paul bless Salvation Army in Compton, CA

Here at The Salvation Army, we love a do-gooder! One of our favorites is Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers. Paul’s family foundation is responsible for a lot of good around Los Angeles as is the very generous team he plays for. Last Friday we got to see what the Chris Paul Family Foundation and Denise Booth’s crew from the L.A. Clippers Foundation did to create an environment for learning and play at The Salvation Army in Compton, California.

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Prom Event Pasadena

Salvation Army helps outfit Pasadena students for the prom

According to a survey by Visa, it can cost as much than $1,000 to go to the prom in California. The prom isn’t everything to a high schooler but it’s something. Something important. So if there’s a way to make it possible for more kids who can’t afford it to have the experience, then shouldn’t we do it? Thankfully, my friend Pat Riley at The Salvation Army in Pasadena thinks so.

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Jamberry Nails employees present The Salvation Army with a big, fat check!

Food 4 Less, Rancho San Miguel Markets & Jamberry Nails: 3 companies with <3

Like people, companies have values. And they often have hearts too. Two grocery stores and one beauty product company decided that they could do some good this Christmas season for people in need by going a little above and beyond. PAQ Inc. Food 4 Less and Rancho San Miguel Markets are long-time supporters of our traditional […]

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Marines-Toys-for-Tots 2

Salvation Army and Marines’ Toys for Tots are making Christmas happen in SoCal!

This time of year The Salvation Army in Southern California gets to see a lot of the Marines. For the last three years, we’ve been the distribution partner for their famous Toys for Tots campaign. It’s estimated that we’ll get a whopping 150,000 toys from them to give to kids whose families are struggling to provide […]

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Now It’s Our Turn to Serve Them

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz and Washington Post editor Rajiv Chandrasekaren collaborated on a book that was released this week, just in time for Veterans Day, called “For Love of Country.” They found that 55% of Iraq veterans felt disconnected from civilian life when they returned from deployment. That’s because fewer than 1% of Americans served in Iraq or Afghanistan and most of the other 99% who didn’t were too busy with their own lives to notice when they came home.

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We’re using @CommuniGift to kick off Back to School in SoCal!

Do you remember the excitement of the first day of school? Wearing a new outfit, equipped with new notebooks, pencils, backpack and unlimited possibility! Share that memory by assisting an in-need child get ready for the upcoming school year.

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A kindly volunteer, Salvation Army, & Mexican consulate help a man find his home

Last week my colleague Kevin White called with an incredible story. He works at The Salvation Army in Orange County, California and was able to witness a small miracle come together. Here’s what he told me.

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NDD Entemanns

National Donut Day is a mere 4 days away!

It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to wear on Friday, June 6 for National Donut Day. I’d recommend something with an elastic waistband. Just a thought.

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Tommy Lasorda and the Army

One of America’s favorite pastimes starts today – Major League Baseball!

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball! I hope you get to take in a game this season and enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. Of course, I hope you also enjoy one of America’s other favorite pastimes: giving to your favorite charity, The Salvation Army.

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Prom Dress Event

100 Southern California girls get help with prom dresses at Salvation Army event!

On Saturday, 100 deserving young ladies from San Gabriel Valley, California schools got to “shop” for a prom dress at The Salvation Army worship center on Walnut Street in Pasadena. They got to choose from hundreds of lovely gowns and received $30 gift cards so they could buy shoes or other accessories to complete their prom look.

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James Komatsu drinks his daily cup of McDonalds coffee to honor Joan B. Kroc's gift to The Salvation Army

Salvation Army Silvercrests fill shortage in subsidized senior housing

Mr. James Komatsu had two brushes with The Salvation Army in his life. His mother died during the Great Depression so he went to live in an Army childrens’ home for Japanese-American youth in San Francisco. After he retired he began to search for subsidized senior housing and found our Silvercrest Residence.

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J.J. Redick of the Los Angeles Clippers teaches Angel how to take a "selfie."

LA Clippers re-open learning library at Salvation Army center!

The Los Angeles Clippers are making an impact in Los Angeles and not just on the basketball court! They recently spruced up the library / computer room at The Salvation Army’s Westwood Transitional Village with 11 computers, 10 computer chairs, 10 pairs of headphones, 1 printer, 20 mini iPads, 1 Macbook Pro and one iPad cart that will be used to store and charge the Minis.

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