McAndrews' thrifted wooden plant stand-turned shoe rack

@HighplainsThrifter shares shopping tips

On of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is a bit of celebrity in the thrifting world. Her name is Meghan McAndrews and her account is called HighplainsThrifter. Her Instagram posts are fun, sweet and inspiring.

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Col. Joe Posillico (right) and Maj John Brackenbury meet the Goodwill mascot at the grand opening

Goodwill and Salvation Army work together to help Arizonans find jobs

The Salvation Army has teamed up with Goodwill of Central Arizona to open a job resource center on our Salvation Army campus Phoenix. This first-of-its-kind center features 11 computer workstations with access to Goodwill’s database of jobs, as well as a staff member to help job seekers with services including resume development and interview strategy.

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Outdoor - Salvation in Nature room. Photo by R2 Visual Studios

Design students create beauty with Salvation Army finds

Every year for the last several, interior design students in Orange County, California participate in an event called the Noah’s ARC Design Challenge. The ARC stands for Adult Rehabilitation Center – The Salvation Army’s drug and alcohol program which is funded by the sale of items you donate to and buy from our Family Stores.

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And, make sure you feline pal isn't in the cushions before you donate the couch!

Before donating in-kind items to charity, check the drawers, pockets, and cushions!

USA Today just ran a story about the cash, jewelry and other goodies that are often donated unintentionally to charities like The Salvation Army and Goodwill. Click here for a link to the article online. They noted the story of a man who recently moved into a nursing home. A family member donated the personal effects that he no longer needed but didn’t realize that $40,000 was tucked in his clothes!

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Jeanine St. John scours our Family Store in preparation for Transformed Treasures 2014

Salvation Army in Alaska celebrates “Transformed Treasures”

The Salvation Army in Alaska puts on one of my favorite events each year, called Transformed Treasures.
Local artists scour our thrift stores for clothing, furniture, household items, jewelry, bric-a-brac, etc., that’s in need of a little love and attention and can be re-made into a thing of beauty. The Transformed Treasures are then auctioned off to support the work of The Salvation Army in Alaska.

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Get your Academy Awards party dress at The Salvation Army’s event this weekend!

The Salvation Army’s Family Store in Chula Vista, California is holding a formal dress event on Friday, February 28 and Saturday March 1. There will be hundreds of dresses to choose from in a variety of sizes, so pop by the stores at 366 Broadway in Chula Vista between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Friday or 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday.

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Celebrate Valentines Day with a diamond & help folks in rehab at The Salvation Army!

Declare your love this Valentines Day with a sparkly diamond ring, purchased from The Salvation Army’s Northern Virginia (NOVA) eBay store. The ring is 18K white gold with a 1.51 carat round cut diamond and ten (10) full cut diamonds on the band. The total carat weight of the ring is 1.76 and the starting bid is $3,999.

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“I could never, ever imagine The Salvation Army turning away anyone…”

Ricky grew up in a family where there was love, but as a young gay man in the 80s he struggled with his identity. So he stole his parents’ credit cards to buy things he thought he needed to feel good. Find out the rest of Ricky’s amazing story about the healing power of Christ’s love and the outstretched hand of The Salvation Army.

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Shop Salvation Army Family Stores for your costume needs!

This is Thursday, October 24. That means there’s one more week – and only one remaining weekend – to get a costume to wear for your Halloween bash or harvest festival.

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Take a minute to learn about ‘fast fashion’

On the OnlineMBA website they have short videos – called One Minute MBAs – that explore the business concepts students will learn about in school. One of their recent 60 second videos deals with an issue that impacts The Salvation Army: “fast fashion.”

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Here at The Salvation Army, People Count!

Loving God’s people is The Salvation Army’s ministry, so each week our leaders fill out an online highlight report called “People Count” to share what God is doing for people in their community. This week’s compilation of stories included some miraculous, practical and downright sweet stories about how God is at work at The Salvation Army.

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The Salvation Army loved Tony when he couldn’t love himself

Tony came to The Salvation Army from prison. He didn’t want to be alone anymore and knew he needed to be on a different path. So he told his parole officer he’d give our program a try for 30 days. After the 30 days were up, he didn’t want to leave. The Salvation Army cared about him and he could feel it. He knew we could help him lead a different kind of life and stay out of prison.

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